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backyard_deerThere are is a healthy deer population living near Toronto. Occasionally we even see them making their way in the city like the recent incident where a deer was found the city’s west end.

The season is behind us and I’ve been told that the Ontario deer herd is being mis-managed. Too many tags being handed out, two back to back hard winters and the lack of coyote hunters.

This year there are some areas putting bounties on coyotes and this is a very good thing, not to mention that we just had a major snow melt. As long as mother nature doesn’t through a curve ball for Feb then it may just be a good winter (much needed) for the whitetail deer.

deer_in_parkIf you would like to take that one step closer to helping your local herd then you should be thinking about putting in a food plot. These much needed resources can help your herd get over the winter hurdle. Food is the utmost importance when it comes to maintaining a deer herd and you need to make sure they have enough to get through the winter.

Talk to the guys in the camp and come up with a management plan for next year. You’ll be happy you did it and if there are any questions don’t hesitate to drop us a line.

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More info is being added regularly. Pictures and info will be added to show how you can improve your sightings of deer.