The Most Common Humane Wildlife Control Methods

21Wildlife infestation in human homes is very common in urban settlements. Raccoons, rodents, birds, bats, and skunks are the most common types of wildlife that love seeking refuge in human settlements. In urban areas, these creatures have a big challenge in finding a suitable place they can call home. They finally secure a shelter in human homes. More often, you will find these animals sheltering in any hollow and warm spaces or pockets in your homes, e g. chimneys, attics, or inside walls.

The creatures appear very attractive when they are in the wild. However, they’ll lose their attractiveness and become a big nuisance when they start invading your property. Their invasion makes your home unattractive because they might bring in unwanted litter and awful aromas. The animals can also invade your garden and destroy crops. Wildlife manifestation can lead to long-term massive property destruction that is why you need to get raccoon removal Mississauga. Below are several wildlife control methods that can help in combating property destruction by wildlife infestation provided by.

Trapping and Relocating the Creatures

This is the most common method of controlling wildlife infestation in human homes. The creatures can easily be trapped and relocated to several miles (10-20 miles) away. You can purchase or hire a suitable trap for trapping the creatures. The trapping method is a bit tricky due to a few reasons. One, it might be illegal to trap a wild creature. You need to find out the legality of this method before your execute. Second, it might be very difficult to trap all the animals, especially if there are babies. If you leave some babies behind, their mother will always locate them back. Thirdly, some creatures might be intelligent or strong to be contained by your trap. It’s therefore important to outwit the animals and use a strong trap.

The Use of High Intensity Flashing Light

The use of light is highly effective in places where traps are not feasible. In fact, it can be very challenging to set a trap in squeezed spaces like attics and other basement crawl spaces. Most creatures, especially raccoons, cannot withstand this kind of light. This is because they have highly light-sensitive eyes. They will definitely vacate your home in a few days.

The Use of Chemical Repellants

There are some chemicals that can be used to repel wildlife. This method is mostly used in controlling wildlife that is invading gardens. This method is, however, not very effective. This is because not all these creatures will be scared away by the chemicals. Some might adapt and continue to live.

The Use of an Electric String Wire

This is installed around your garden or the place where you want to restrict entry by wildlife. The wire voltage should be sufficient to give the animals an electric shock whenever they attempt to enter the area. Note: don’t set the voltage too high because your pets or children can find themselves tampering with the wire.

In conclusion, I have some advice for everyone. It’s recommended to seek for professional assistance when it comes to controlling wildlife. Humane wildlife control companies are available at your disposal. They have innovative control methods that protect both human and environmental safety. They will also fortify your home and prevent any future wildlife infestation.