black_squirrelSquirrels are very adaptable creatures and are known to populate urban areas across North America just like they do Toronto. According to the technicians from squirrel removal Toronto Services by squirrelremovaltoronto.com, they are known to live up to 20 years in cities where food and shelter can be found easily. Most of them reproduce twice a year; from late winter to early spring and again in mid-summer to early autumn. Squirrel gestation period lasts for just over a month days and have litters with an average size of two to five young.

Mom squirrels are very protective of the young and if threatened have been known to attack people and pets. It really is not unusual for a mother squirrel to have several nests at once; this can help with the distribution of food for their young. Nests are usually seen in the crowns of trees, high above the earth to protect the young from predators. Squirrel can cause problems when they place their nests in attics, roofs, and other areas in and around peoples property.

Nature squirrel predators include hawks, foxes, weasels, minks, raccoons, skunks, snakes, owls, ravens, domestic dogs and cats. Squirrels are active during the sleep and day through the night. They do not hibernate over winter.

A squirrel’s natural habitat is in hardwood or mixed woods where nuts (their food source) are seen in abundance. They will have adapted very well to city life because of the creation of bird feeders. Eliminating this food source should encourage the animals to go on, since we all know that squirrels are naturally attracted to bird feeders.

To avoid getting squirrels living in your attic, you need to make sure you seal all entry points. Any open vents or holes in a chimney or house roof must be fixed with 1.25cm mesh hardware cloth or sheet metal that surpasses at least 15cm beyond the hole. Check the place for loose roof vents, rotten or loose soffits, loose shingles and also have them repaired immediately, if not, you might be inviting some unwanted guest.

Overhanging tree limbs also needs to be trimmed straight back. Squirrels are a brick wall can be scaled by great climbers who with great ease. They will have been known to nest on apartment balconies which can be 20 storeys above the ground. If you see a squirrel in your balcony, check again in 24 hours, if it really is still there, look at our checklist of preventative wildlife measures for humane methods to encourage the squirrel to leave.