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Northern_CardinalMany Toronto residents feed wild birds. In fact studies show that one in every four people are feeding birds.

One reason for feeding is very simple. Birds are beautiful to look at. Virtually nowhere else in nature can one see such color and variety; Northern Cardinals with their bright red colours, Northern Flickers with the dotted plumage, or the brilliant dominant Red-Tailed Hawks flying in the city skies.

Some people feed because of the lost connection to nature. There is a sense of tranquility and order to knowing that no matter what is happening in our busy world, the birds are still going about their lives as they have for centuries.

Northern FlickerWhat a wonderful way to start your day, watching and knowing that the birds feeding from your feeder are thriving because you have given them a good breakfast to start their busy day.

On average birds get a 20 % daily calorie intake from bird seed. Birds have a very high metabolism and need to eat a well-balanced diet. Birds will seek a lot of food sources in your area such as; fruits, nuts, insects, seeding shrubs and flowers. So, feeding or not feeding, you are not interrupting the normal routine of a bird, you are just attracting them to your yard for a better viewing.

Red-Tailed HawkOne of the nicest things about bird feeding is that it is a relaxing hobby that can be done at your own comfort level and involvement. Whether you’re just putting a cup full on your Platform feeder or you have a dozen or more feeders in your yard, you’re feeding the birds. It is up to you on how involved you want to get.

Feeding birds can also be a wonderful way to introduce children to the natural world. It is exciting for a child to see how they can be involved with the wild birds in our own outdoors.  What can be more fascinating than a brightly colored bird that sings beautiful songs right in your own Backyard? It can lead to a lifetime of appreciation and love of nature.


Pigeons are one of the most commonly seen birds in cities in the world. It is the same in Canada and in Toronto. They are resilient in the sense that they have adapted to urban life. They are considered a pest bird, because of the damage they cause and the diseases they carry. If you are attempting to bird watch in or near the city, pigeons will be your enemy. They invade bird feeders and crowd them out. If you have set up a feeder in your back yard, you might want to consider getting pigeon removal services before you attempt watching other wild birds.

Whatever reason you choose for feeding the birds, remember that it should be a source of enjoyment, a chance to bring the best that nature has to offer, right to your window. You will come to know your regular visitors and look forward to new comers each day. You will soon learn to love what nature has to offer in your Backyard.