Danger of Pigeon Droppings for Your Property and Garden

Pigeon-RemovalWhat damage can pigeon droppings cause to my property and garden? While it is not unknown to many that pigeon droppings can be unsanitary and unhealthy for people, it is less commonly known that pigeon droppings can also pose many risks to plants, other animals and sometimes even sometimes serious safety hazards. We addressed our concerns to local pigeon removal experts and there is what they answered “If a person owns a garden, it is very important that the person calls their local animal control right away when he or she begins to notice signs of pigeons living on or near the person’s home or close to the person’s garden.” They also pointed out why pigeon droppings can be dangerous.

Roof Collapse Risk

Most of the time pigeon droppings does not just acquire here or there in small amounts. Pigeons tend to stay close to wherever they call their home, so their droppings can accumulate very quickly on a person’s roof and walls. The weight of these pigeon droppings will often prove too much for many people’s homes causing the roof to collapse. This can pose all sorts of safety risks for homeowners.


Pigeon droppings are very acidic. When pigeon droppings fall onto material like wood and metal, these droppings will weaken the material unless it is cleaned right away. A person would definitely not want to just let it go if he or she notices pigeon droppings on his or her build or garden.

Poisons plants

Not only can pigeon droppings damage roofing material and the walls of a person’s home, they have also been known as the root cause of many gardens dying. Pigeon droppings contain material that may poison plants.

If a person notices any signs of pigeons, or any other birds, hanging around their home or garden, it is advisable to contact their local animal control office right away. Some cities are considered bird havens.” Bird haven’ cities have very strict rules about how a person can get rid of pigeons and where the pigeons must be taken.