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little-brown-batDid you know that a single brown bat can eat 600 mosquitoes in 1 hour? Incredible isn’t it.

Certain Bats are helpful, including the little brown bats that are most common in Toronto.

According to Toronto bat removal professionals, a colony of just 150 big brown bats can aid farmers by eating up to 18 million or more root worms each summer.

This saves gardens from damage, and prevents the spread of diseases that mosquitoes can carry.

Bats are bugging you?

  • This 3 chamber bat box can hold up to 40 bats. That’s 240,000 mosquitoes a night.
  • Placing this box 12-18 ft in the air, south bound will attract bats to your area.
  • It can be painted or stained but also is more natural when the weather gets to it.
  • Bats are the slowest reproducing mammal in the world and could use your help.